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By April 24, 2017Social Media

What Is Snapchat?

It’s only my favorite app on my phone. Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users! In a nutshell, Snapchat is a camera application for your smart phone that allows you to “Snapchat” an individual or several contacts at once. You can also post a Snapchat story that is available to be viewed by anyone who has publicly added you. Send chats, take photos, take videos, and upload saved photos to your messages.

What sets this app apart from using a regular text message is that the message content is limited to 10 seconds or less. Once the message is opened and it’s viewed, it’s gone forever! In addition, your story content will only appear for the next 24 hours on a countdown.

Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social networks. With its ability to excite audiences, it can be used as an oh-so-meaningful tool for marketing your business. Here are 8 reasons to love Snapchat for your business.

1. It’s Fun
Customize your original photography even more by adding captions, artwork, doodles, emojis, filters, time-stamps, location icons, weather updates, and more. Reply to a snap with a snap of your own. Now you have an official snap streak!

2. Access To Events
Who missed the event on Saturday? Show your users photos and video a snippet of what went on. Most importantly you can save the pics to your database and post them on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media.

3. No Editing Required
You may not want to hire a videographer or spend hours editing a video for your audience. Snapchat makes it easy to send candid moments in real time and in chronological order.

4. Offer Unique Sales Promotions
Select one campaign for Snapchat. Using your own promo code to drive business sales, you can immediately track how much business you are getting your Snapchat account.

5. A day In The Life
While you may have a formal business presence on your website, Snapchat offers a fun alternative and a candid shot of day-to-day activity in your workplace, lunch breaks, or team events.

6. It’s Free!

7. It’s Non Intrusive
Only people who want to view your story will select it and play your video.

8. Create Your Own Geo Filters
Wow! This is news to me. You can use a template and your favorite design software to submit a geo filter to Snapchat for only 5 bucks! When approved and set live, all users in your geo location can add your geo filter to their snaps. Imagine the advertising sharing power.

Still not Convinced? Download the app on Android or Apple!

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