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Are you an entrepreneur or freelancer working from home? Are you thinking of starting up a new business venture? If so, this is a great post for you to read. Having a virtual office and virtual address may provide you with the confidence to close that next deal. Or at least let others think you’re not working out of your parent’s basement in your boxers.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a location that a business owner will obtain from another business, post office, or receptionist service that will act a physical space for operations of the business. While the virtual office serves as a front face physical space for the business, most of the work done for the business is usually done at home or remotely.

Why Should I Get A Virtual Office?

A virtual office is great for entrepreneurs and startups for many reasons. Depending on what you are looking for, you can get the following perks:

  • A unique address away from your home office
  • A unique place to separate your personal and business mail
  • A business address so you can get listed on maps on search engines
  • A place that you can use to meet clients and network with others

The virtual office movement has been active for quite some time now as noted by this Forbes article. A unique address is one of the best reasons to get a virtual office. Having an address away from your home is great if you in fact do a lot of your work at home, but do not want clients or customers showing up to your residence. With the right service you can have mail forwarded to you and not get your personal and business mail mixed up. But the most compelling and powerful reason to get a virtual office or a virtual address is to get a coveted business address for maps.

Getting a Business Address for Google Maps and Other Search Engines

Have you ever done a search for local restaurants looking for a place to eat? If you have, you have seen at the top of Google search there is a maps listing result. Depending on where you live it will show the first 3-7 listings in the maps section and below there will be websites which are based on organic search results. The maps listing are powered by Google My Business listings, and every listing on there is verified trough Google’s address verification process. Once you have a maps listing, you can get on other listing services like Yelp, Angie’s List, FourSquare, Yellowbook, etc. These types of listing services are not only a great place to generate leads and reviews for your business, but also a powerful way to get ranked on organic search and listed on map search results.

What Types of Virtual Offices Are Out There and What Are Their Pros and Cons

There are various types of virtual offices. I have listed the pros and cons of each below:

Type Pros Cons Cost
Post Office Boxes Cheapest. Creates a separate address away from home address Address will not be recognized by search engines as a business location;  Not a meeting place. $
Virtual Mail Services Cheaper and will forward or scan mail; Can obtain a maps listing. Not a meeting place; You will need to meet clients somewhere else. $$
Receptionist Service Near full service with mail and phone service; May have an area to meet clients. You may not get a meeting area with this service. $$$
Coworking Spaces Professional, and often beautiful place to bring clients; Will get a unique maps listing and can have mailed delivered. Sometimes most expensive and quality varies. $$$$

One of these types will fit any business owner’s need, but in this post I focus on coworking spaces since after all, that is what atx FACTORY is 🙂

Why A Coworking Space Is The Best Place for a Virtual Office and Virtual Address

What makes a coworking space the best place to establish a business address is that they provide a professional, commercial address where you can (hopefully) show off your office and business. PO Boxes, virtual mail services, and receptionist services do not offer this. A good coworking space will offer amenities that should impress your clients, including a friendly receptionist, drinks, conference rooms, and high-tech audio/visual equipment. A great goworking space will offer a vibe that doesn’t make the space feel stuffy or like a traditional office. With a coworking space, you just schedule the time with the community manger, stop by, and walk your client in. Immediately, they are impressed with the space and you have a professional level conference room for your meeting. You give the impression that you are a legitimate business that knows what you are doing. Now it’s up to you to crush the presentation.

The last thing you want is a prospect to call you, request an in person meeting, and your only option is a Starbucks or nearby cafe. I can’t count the number of times I could have closed a deal in the early stages of my real estate software company, REthink, had I had a professional place to take prospects.

The case for atx FACTORY

Not all coworking space are created equally. Some coworking spaces, to be frank, are no more than re-purposed office space put together and labeled a coworking spaces. Some offer cheaper membership rates, however, it may not be a place you will feel proud of or want to introduce a client to. Another factor to consider is that several of these other coworking spaces may restrict you on how many times you can stop by per month or will nickle and dime you for each visit.

At atx FACTORY we don’t have such restrictions. With our Social Membership you get an incredible place to take your clients to meet. Our facility is equipped with top notch conference rooms, spacious desks, and a beautifully finished workplace. When you bring your clients here you are greeted by a professional receptionist that knows you by name. After your meeting, you can provide your client with a beer from our bar area or have them get a massage from our massage chairs. You can stop by the FACTORY any time and you have access to all the events we have so you can network with other members and guests.

Let’s also do the math here. $175 can seem like a lot when you are comparing a $70 a month offer, but how many clients might you meet in one month? If you meet 3 clients per month and the space charges you $25 as a daily rate you now have:

$70 + $50 = $145

So now you are at $145 a month. Not only that, but you will likely need to still play games with your client and tell them to meet you at another place to avoid getting charged. You will have to drive around town and find the nearest coffee shop that works for you. So in taking the time and extra gas your $70 a month membership is likely going to end up costing you more than $175 a month when you start including your own time and expense. Doesn’t seem like much of a deal now does it? The math simply does not make sense.

The Best Austin Virtual Office Is Here At atx FACTORY

So now that I explained why our Social Membership offer is superior to to any other Austin Virtual Office in the area, what are you waiting for? Not only are you getting access to a premier coworking facility that wows your clients, but you are also getting access to our incredible community of innovators and disruptors. And who doesn’t love the weekly food trucks we have and our events? Contact us and book your spot today!

Author Vijay Mehra

Vijay is the founder of atx FACTORY, a 14,000-square-foot Austin workspace that combines co-working and lifestyle amenities. Prior to starting up atx FACTORY, he spent more than eight years leading REthink, which helps real estate firms digitize their processes. Vijay wrote the original version of the software and bootstrapped the business with just $2,000 in savings and transformed it to be a major player in the Residential and Commercial Real Estate Space.

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